“The measure of life is not its duration but its donation.”

Dress For Success 2017 – Women In Poverty

Each year DFS Worldwide headquarters creates a theme empowering its chosen leadership to develop a Community Action Project (CAP), generating momentum of universal impact across the globe. This year’s Thematic Approach will emphasize one specific theme impactful concept: WOMEN IN POVERTY! This movement is driven by disturbing facts such as:

  • 1 in 7 women live in poverty
  • 56% of underprivileged children live in families headed by women
  • 1.3 billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty and 70% of them are women

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Community Action Project, by chosen Worldwide Delegates, Tajuana Curry & Cynthia Harper from DFS of Atlanta.

The 5 M’s of our Purpose Journey


While women are earning more money today than ever, we must go deeper creating healthier portfolios, such as investing and retirement.


Helping women to find value in themselves is relative for them to fulfill their Purpose. Creating a sense of worth regardless of what one lack builds self-esteem.


Enabling women to care for despairing healthcare issues are vital for them to maintain a quality lifestyle.

Mental Illness

Eradicating shame-based thinking regarding mental illness is crucial for women to be function at an optimal level.


Creating a metabolism that works for you and not against is a taught behavior.

Become A Volunteer

Join our volunteers to help plan and prepare for our Pep Rally and begin our 5M Purpose Journey. We have room for every level of volunteer – from financial support to time support. Volunteering in this amazing project will both provide blessing and allow you to give blessings! Sign up now!

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5M Purpose Journey Pep Rally!

Join Over 500 Women as We Celebrate our Purposeful Journey with Champions for Our Women and Atlanta Dress For Success!

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